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  Enchanting Islands

8 days

Canada's Maritime islands await you! Pass through fields of green, dine on succulent seafood, and travel the world famous Cabot Trail on this bus tour of Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. Also spend time in the Oak Island area to learn of the treasure hunters that have ventured to Nova Scotia for hundreds of years. Get ready for a truly memorable island adventure in the Atlantic Maritimes.


  Maritimes Adventure

13 days

On this fascinating vacation, get acquainted with the local culture and the seafaring traditions of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Maine.


  Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

10 Days

Welcome to a great Nova Scotia vacation and an affordable tour. Your Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island tour features complete sightseeing, professional Tour Directors and great itineraries, operated by one of the country's oldest and most respected guided tour companies. Discover for yourself why smart shoppers and experienced travelers have chosen their travel packages since 1952.


  Canadian Maritimes

11 Days

Time stands still in the Canadian Maritimes... preserving a way of life that honors the land and sea - and a multitude of cultures. Halifax invites reflection with gracious Victorian parks and gardens. Fishing hamlets in Nova Scotia celebrate their rich seafaring heritage. Diverse cultural influences are chronicled in Lunenburg; at a Cape Breton museum dedicated to the Acadian celebration of La Mi-Careme; and at Gaelic College. Culinary specialties are on the menu from fresh lobster on Prince Edward Island to a "Kitchen Party" at the Keltic Lodge to lunch in the Hall of Great Whales at the New Brunswick Museum. This New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia tour immerses you in the lure and lore of this down-to-earth, mystical world of mountain lakes, eagles, whales, fishermen, and the sea.


  Highlights of the Maritimes

9 days

Explore Canada's Atlantic seacoast on this wonderful, scenic vacation to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.


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