You will agree with me that a Smartphone is an important gadget when touring the many destinations across Canada. In this article, we have shared five benefits of tagging along with your smartphone or tablet on your next tour – from the basic uses of communication to exploiting the versatile travel and leisure apps.


The primary reason you have a smartphone is for communication. When travelling, you will need to keep in touch with family and friends either by calling or using the messaging service. With a smartphone, you can also chat with friends and family on social media. Just make sure you have enough talk time when out and about. If you are a visitor, consider any of the affordable roaming services. Besides, a smartphone will help you stay in touch with the news, play your favourite Unibet Live Dealer Casino games or stream the latest football match.

Finding Information

There are lots of things you will need to know when on tour. Also if you are looking for detailed information regarding a certain attraction site, you can always search for information using your smartphone. These gadgets also come in handy when searching for services like accommodation, not forgetting when you want an Uber. With a smartphone and a data plan, you have all the information you need.


When on tour, you need to document the remarkable moments at the destinations. But then, carrying a professional camera can be quite taxing in terms of logistics. These cameras are also expensive, and not everyone can afford them. The good thing is that your smartphone can be used to take photos and videos. You can also use your smartphone to go live and share with friends some of your finds. We recommend waterproof devices and also, safety and ergonomics accessories like phone cases, and bumper rings in the event of accidents.


If you are not familiar with the destination you are visiting, you might need the help of a GPS. But instead of buying these gadgets, you can just use your smartphone. There are iOS and Android GPS apps that are just as accurate as the regular GPS devices. Moreso, apps like Google maps are available and ready to guide you in the event that you are stuck. Indeed, a smartphone is a better resource than a GPS device.

And it’s not just the GPS; you can also use Altimeter apps instead of carrying an altimeter. There are times you will need to know the altitude of the region you are in. Here, altimeters come in handy, but then, these gadgets are not so common. Even if you have them, they add to your luggage unnecessarily.


If you are camping, you will need a flashlight. This is the same case if you are exploring the dark sites, for example, the cave systems. If you don’t want the hassles of carrying a flashlight, you can rely on your smartphone if it has a flashlight feature. What will matter here is if you have enough charge, but with a power-pack, you are good to go.

There you have it folks, five benefits of carrying your smartphone when exploring the vast attractions in Canada. Besides the necessary communication system, a Smartphone can replace several other gadgets that would have otherwise made your luggage heavier.