Canada is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, boasting both natural attractions as well as human-made sites. If you are an international tourist or a local wishing to explore the vast tourist destinations in the Great White North, you came to the right place. Nova Scotia Travel is a website dedicated to travel and tourism in Canada. Whether you are looking for recommendations on places to visit in Québec City or you want to know about the availability of accommodation in the Niagara Falls region, Nova Scotia Travel is your one-stop resource centre.

On this website, there are articles on travel and tourism in Canada written by top travel experts and travel writers who have visited some of the destinations in Canada. Below are some of the major sections of this website.

Attractions in Canada

Canada has vast attractions ranging from naturally occurring geographical features to some monumental man-made attractions. In this section, there are listings of some of the best places to visit in Canada. Nova Scotia Travel also has reviews of some of the best destinations to visit, and other important information visitors should be aware of, including the charges, and restrictions if any.


How do you get around while in Canada? This is something every visitor should plan for prior to travelling. In this section, find about the infrastructure of Canada. This includes the transport systems available, and the routes to all the major destinations. The site also has information on the available means of transport in the cities, and when planning for road trips to the remote national parks. You want to know the transport options and the costs to plan your itinerary, and most importantly, your budget.


One important consideration when choosing a destination is the accommodation options. Whether you are on holiday alone or with your family, you need to know about the hotels available at the destination and the region you are planning to visit. Check the rates and find out about their availability. You will also need to consider the menu in the area you are visiting as well as the prices. This also helps you in the budgeting.

Travel Agencies and Packages in Canada

The process of planning a holiday is quite tedious and that’s why there are travel companies to do all the prerequisites. This includes booking your hotel, arranging for transport, and the rest of the preparations. Choosing the best travel agency, or travel package is a crucial step in planning for your holiday. In this section, find about the factors to consider when choosing a travel agency or travel package, as well as some recommendations of the best travel companies in Canada.

Travel Tips

Here, the site has expert tips on how to plan for a holiday in Canada, the dos and don’ts, among other travel tips and guides. If you are wondering what you will need to go to the Niagara, or what to pack when planning for a camping adventure, this section will be resourceful.

The above are just some of the categories covered on Nova Scotia Travel. You can be sure all your answers regarding travel and tourism in Canada are answered. The site also endeavours to keep you informed about the latest news regarding all the dynamics of tourism in Canada, from the weather patterns to the geopolitical concerns. With Nova Scotia Travel, you are always informed.